The History of Dimming Begins with Lutron

In 1961, Lutron introduced the world’s first solid state dimmer. From that point forward, Lutron innovations transformed the world of lighting controls. Today, with more than 75 utility and 40 design patents and over 10,000 products shipped to 80 countries worldwide, Lutron continues to lead the way in dimming innovation and quality. Products range from simple wall controls that dim room lights (like the rotary control you probably have on your dining room wall) to complex systems that can control an entire home or building.

As an industry innovator, Lutron holds over 1700 patents and manufactures over 15,000 products, including the invention of the first solid-state dimmer and fluorescent dimming technology.

Sustainability Fast Facts

  • Lutron customers save over 9 billion kWh of energy each year. This is equivalent to:
  • As much energy as 2,000 windmills produce in one year
  • Enough energy to light 4.5 million homes for one year
  • Enough energy to light and power Times Square for 10 years
  • As much CO2 as 2 million acres of trees absorb in one year

100% Factory Tested

Lutron lighting controls ship guaranteed to work. Products are factory tested, ready to perform under the most
demanding field conditions.

Superior Quality to Withstand Harsh Conditions

Lutron products are designed and tested in anticipation of the harshest conditions the world has to offer. Whether it’s heat, frequency shifts, improper installations, voltage spikes, or electrostatic discharge, Lutron products are designed for many years of trouble-free performance.

Certified to ISO 9001 Quality Standard

The “1” in ISO 9001 indicates the most stringent of ISO 9000 certifications, and has special significance for Lutron customers. ISO 9001 ensures customers that Lutron directly designs, engineers, and manufactures its products, while staffing field services and job start-ups with Lutron employees.

Environmentally Friendly

Lutron dimmers save electricity. These savings add up to a significant and positive impact on the environment. As a rough estimate, Lutron dimmers currently in use save as much electricity in a year as is output by multiple power generating plants. Considerably less air, heat and water pollution are the direct results. Additionally, Lutron’s environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices include systematic recycling of materials used in components and processes, and the use of recycled or recyclable product packaging whenever possible.
Global Presence

Lutron stocks, services, and supports its lighting controls worldwide. Around the globe, our customers recognize and rely upon Lutron quality and customer support to meet their lighting control needs. Our European headquarters is in London, England with offices in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany; and Paris, France. Our world headquarters is located in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, in the Northeastern, U.S. We are conveniently located near New York City; Philadelphia and Washington D.C. Asian offices are located in Tokyo, Japan; Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.

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  • Management of artificial and natural light controls.
  • Each component of artificial light covered
  • Natural sunlight controlled through shades
  • Occupancy, Daylight Sensing based light controls
  • Flexibility of various lighting scenes
  • Centralized software based controls from a control station
  • Measurement and verifications of lighting management /energy savings.
  • Integration capabilities to BMS systems, IP telephony, Audio-Video Systems.

Partial List of Prestigious Projects across Six Continents

  • White House, Washington DC
  • Statue of Liberty, New York
  • Legoland, Gunzburg, Germany
  • Bellagio (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Caesar’s (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Guggenheim Museum (Bilboa, Spain)
  • Exxon Corporate Headquarters (Dallas, TX)
  • Bloomberg Financial News (New York City, NY)
  • Bank of China World Headquarters (Hong Kong, China)
  • Benetton Showroom, New York
  • Armani Showroom, Toronto
  • JW Marriot, Tokyo / Shanghai / Singapore / Cairo / Jakarta
  • Four Seasons, Berlin / London / Cairo / New York
  • Hyatt, Berlin / Paris / Muscat / Hongkong / Singapore
  • Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburg.
  • The British Museum, London
  • National History Museum, Thailand